History Nights at the Regent – Journeys of Explorer Samuel de Champlain – Mar 4, 2013


The Epic Journeys of French Explorer Samuel de Champlain through the Quinte area

French explorer Samuel de Champlain remains a man of mystery nearly 400 years after his voyages through the wilderness of the country that became Canada including two journeys which brought him through the Quinte area.

The exact date of his birth is uncertain. The location of his grave following his death on December 25th, 1635 in Quebec City is still unknown. And the authenticity of an astrolabe discovered in a farmer’s field near Cobden, Ontario in 1867 and believed to be an early navigational instrument he lost during his travels in the Ottawa Valley, remains a deep part of Canadian mythology.

But Champlain was a remarkable man. Born into a family of merchants and mariners in the 1570s, he developed extraordinary navigational and cartography skills at an early age. He was a gifted artist and author able to depict his lifelong travels in published accounts. Unlike others of his time, Champlain was also deeply interested in aboriginal culture encouraging exchanges among his men and his native allies to promote the learning of native languages and their customs. Most of all, Champlain was a great adventurer exploring the unchartered land of North America and leaving an enduring legacy as The Father of New France.

Learn more about this illustrious French explorer on Monday, March 4th at 7 pm at The Regent Theatre in Picton when Professor Patrice Dutil of Ryerson University in Toronto, and the President of the Champlain Society of Canada, discusses the life of Samuel de Champlain, his journeys, and the circumstances which brought him through the Quinte area.

The lecture is another of the History Nights At The Regent winter lectures on historical themes sponsored by History Lives Here Inc. in association with The Black Prince Winery, The Merrill Inn, and The Regent Theatre. Call the Regent Theatre Box Office for Tickets: (613)476-8416 ext 28 or toll free (877)411-4761 or use the form on the box office websitewww.theregenttheatre.org
Admission is $15 (including tax.) Students $5

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