We Make History

…transforming the hidden history in every community and organization into a suite of heritage products and experiences before it is lost to Time.


Every community has its tales to tell.

We transform the hidden history within communities and organizations into a suite of “popular history” products – events and experiences, tours, lectures, re-enactments, plays, crafts, public art, documentary features, and other specialty products – to tell these old stories to the world.

Why History Matters

There are new audiences for these old stories.

We believe history has to be something you can eat; something you can drink; something you experience. Most importantly, it needs to be something you can sell if we are to create new revenues for heritage organizations.

Our projects create more than products retailed to consumers year-round. They foster new synergies through community partnerships among non-profit groups, businesses and local governments for a “sum of our parts” collective approach to celebrating history. They harness collective capacities and existing sales networks for marketing impact. And they establish local heritage as a significant economic driver.

History makes money in many places in the world. It can in your community, too.

What's your story? We can help you bring it to life.

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