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As a heritage communications company, we provide a broad range of services.

History Lives Here Inc. provides a range of professional communication services to assist businesses, industry associations, and community organizations to celebrate their history.

We are storytellers. We tell old stories to new audiences using modern technologies.

Creative. Engaging. Memorable.

These are the touchstones of our work as professional storytellers.

Most businesses, organizations and communities have a rich history. But it is often hidden within archival records, artifacts and collections.

This lost history can be transformed into engaging heritage experiences, products, and multimedia productions serving as the centrepieces of imaginative commemorations of significant anniversary years whether it’s the 50th birthday of a company or industry trade organization, or the 250th birthday of a community.

Many of our associates are former journalists. They know how to create a strong, appealing story beginning with extensive research within collections in archives, museums, libraries, and sometimes…even cemeteries. They are “history detectives” discovering the hidden history within your community, business, or organization. It’s vital research that is the foundation of imaginative multimedia content we create for websites, social media campaigns, print and television media, and educational and public audiences.


We make stories into experiences. We offer historic walking tours of downtown Picton during the tourism season. And we host History Nights at various historic locations and resort venues throughout the year.

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We believe history has to be something you can eat; something you can drink; and something you can touch.

Tangible and unique products help make your story into a memorable tale.

To us, design means more than graphics. It’s an overall approach – a package of skill sets and capacities in our tool kit drawn from our base of talented and experienced associates.


We’ve produced video – and television productions – filmed on-location across Canada and around the world.

While we specialize in historical themes and productions like our History Moments series and documentaries, we’ve also created many video features to enhance anniversary celebrations, events, presentations, online learning courses, and websites with dynamic and interactive content.

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