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Canadian Military History

The History of Camp Picton

As war raged in Europe, the British government sent its airmen to train at Camp Picton in Prince Edward County, Canada. After the war, Camp Picton became a Canadian military base until it was closed in 1969. Now an industrial park, the site still retains its original look.

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan brought together the governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States in an intensive joint program to quickly train air crews for the Second World War. 130,000 men and women were trained during the period of April 1940 until March 1945. 

Deseronto’s Camp Rathbun

It’s a farm field now in the small hamlet of Deseronto, Ontario. But from 1917 – 1919, this land served as a World War One flight training school for American, British, and Canadian pilots. Approximately 3,000 were trained for the war effort in Europe. It was dangerous work even in the training phase, and 55 airmen died in fiery crashes.  

Canadian Sports History

The Toronto Boat Show Features Miss Supertest III

The Toronto Boat Show is an annual event drawing thousands of spectators interested in the boating world. In January 2011, the star attraction of the show was the Canadian race boat, Miss Supertest III, which captured world speed titles and consecutive victories in the sport. 

MAKING WAVES: The Story of Canada’s Miss Supertest Team

This documentary was produced for the 50th anniversary celebrations in August 2011 commemorating the last victory of the legendary race boat Miss Supertest III, which raced in Picton waters in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. The program was launched at a gala premiere at the historic Regent Theatre in Picton as part of a weekend of community special events honouring this iconic Canadian sports history. 

CELEBRATING HOCKEY HISTORY: The Story of the 1958/59 Belleville McFarlands

In March 1959, the best teams from the world gathered in Prague, Czechoslovakia for the World Cup hockey championships. The Belleville McFarlands represented Canada. This is the story of a time, a team and the town that loved them.


International Work

Safe From the Sea

CCA works with partner organizations to help smallholder farmers, traders and producers establish and strengthen co-operative and credit union enterprises that can provide needed goods and services they cannot access or develop on their own. Members work together to manage their co-operatives democratically, to achieve economies of scale that lower costs and grow their income. This mini-doc, tells the story of how CCA helped families after the tsunami.

In a Distant Place

The Uryghur people live on the edges of the vast Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang Province in southwestern China. This Muslim minority are among the poorest people in the world – and the most persecuted. But a Canadian project is helping Uryghur women form small micro -enterprise businesses to increase family incomes.

Help With The Harvest: The Role of Cooperatives in the New Vietnam

After the turbulent years of the Vietnam war in the 1960s, this Asian country began a slow recovery and a cautious outreach to the world. Canada established an early presence and partnership introducing cooperatives and credit unions as models for small business development. This is the story of some Canadian projects in this war-torn country.  


A Living From the Land

In Costa Rica, small farmers struggle against multinational corporations that control the pricing and access to world markets for crops like pineapples. It’s a familiar story the world over. This is a short documentary about groups of farmers and other producers creating cooperative businesses they own and control to raise their incomes and the quality of life within their communities.  

Field Notes: Canadian Cooperators Abroad

Many Canadians are engaged in relief and development projects in countries throughout the world. This is the story of several Canadians working in partnership with development organizations in Ghana, Africa.