Save Sandbanks Heritage Homes

Historic Prince Edward County, Ontario is home to many heritage buildings and cultural landscapes all contributing to its special appeal as a major international tourism destination. And yet the community continues to struggle with preserving its special spaces. In recent decades, there have been many efforts to save heritage buildings and properties from neglect and demolition. While there have been some successes, there have also been many significant losses.

A current battle is to save two historic homes located within the Sandbanks Provincial Park – a major destination for over 700,000 visitors each year. Park officials want to demolish the Hyatt and MacDonald homes (circa 1870s) as early as September, 2021 despite earlier plans to restore them to meet ongoing visitor needs. Many community residents are urging officials to delay demolition until other development alternatives can be carefully considered. Will this fight be a victory for heritage conservation….or another tragic loss to the county’s dwindling inventory of heritage assets? We will soon find out.
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Peter Lockyer

Local historian and former CBC Journalist, Peter has been a life-long resident in Picton, Ontario.

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