History Lives Here at the Belleville DocFest

Sandra Foreman Photography

History Lives Here has been a regular contributor to Belleville’s popular DOCFEST since the event’s inception five years ago. Organized by a small volunteer group of ardent documentary fans, the event has proved to be a sold-out success with the community hungry for thoughtful programming that rarely makes it to television and the big screen.

Courtesy Ben Quaiff

DOCFEST also provides a showcase for local filmmakers and students. Our entry this year was a seven-minute feature on the Music At Port Milford youth music camp that is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Founded in 1986 by professional violinist Doris McLaughlin, today the camp is run by her daughter, Meg Hill, and her two daughters along with a small, volunteer board. Located on an old Loyalist homestead overlooking South Bay in scenic Prince Edward County, the camp attracts 40 talented students from across North America for intensive week – long workshops conducted under the direction of some of the best classical musicians in the world.  

Picture of Peter Lockyer

Peter Lockyer

Local historian and former CBC Journalist, Peter has been a life-long resident in Picton, Ontario.

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