Services Overview

Some books and movies are better than others. If you've ever had the experience of being so engrossed in a novel, or so captured by the plot and characters of a movie, you are sad to see the end, then you have been under the spell of an engaging storyteller.

As professional storytellers, that's our goal every time out... to create imaginative products, events and activities that are memorable. And whether we're working on the anniversary plans for a large company with a global footprint, or the birthday celebrations of a small community, we bring creativity and experience to work every day. These are our tools; our trademarks. (And we also like to have fun.)

To accomplish these high standards, History Lives Here Inc. has gathered an experienced team of associates from different disciplines to provide a broad range of communication services including:

  • Archival research
  • Editorial writing services
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Media Relations/Media Training
  • Multimedia production (DVD, book, photography and website development)
  • Strategic Communications

History isn't always at your fingertips.

Archival research

You have to know what you're looking for...and where to find it. Our projects often begin with research in archival collections, in libraries, museums, occasionally even in cemeteries. Our experienced researchers are really "history detectives" searching for documents, photos, films and other artifacts that can help tell the story. They also know how to digitally preserve fragile documents so they are available - not just for the life of our project - but also for the future.

Editorial writing services

There are many ways to tell a story. But there are only a few ways that will make the story memorable. It begins with a puzzle of words and pictures. Writing the code that unlocks the hidden magic of an untold story is an exacting craft, but it's one of our greatest strengths.

Event Planning

A significant anniversary can be an opportunity to stage a number of successful events - gala evenings, banquets, documentary premieres and book launches, to parades, exhibits, lectures and historical walking tours - throughout the year to maintain the energy and profile of a special year. We're able to make these events happen.


Cost is always a factor in every project. But we've successfully completed dozens of projects that all started as just a possibility. It's the idea that's important. If it's good enough to capture the imagination of others, the money will come. And we know how to raise it through sponsorships, grants, donations, events and product sales.

Media Relations/Media Training

Most of our associates were once reporters. They bring this experience to the communication of our client's stories to mainstream media organizations. We know what makes a marketable, newsworthy story. And we can train spokespeople how to effectively communicate it.

Multimedia production (DVD, book, photography and website development)

Multimedia production embraces a range of skills and products. We produce video features and full-length documentaries available in DVD formats, books and printed materials, and provide website design and development.

Strategic Communications

All of these can be bundled into a strategic communication plan that serves as a touchstone document to effectively celebrate the anniversaries of our clients.

Sometimes, we provide all these services; other times, just some. But whatever our role, our clients know us as highly professional, imaginative, dependable...and fun.

Associates & Affiliates

  • Sandra Foreman

  • Sandra Foreman
  • Real Estate & Photography
  • Brian Freeman

  • They Integrated Inc.
  • Belleville, Ontario
  • Web site design/development
  • Becky Rynor

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Producer/writer-broadcaster
  • Lori Pickering

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Research
  • Jeff Smith

  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Editing services
  • Lynn Pickering

  • Picton, Ontario
  • Producer/Writer
  • Adam McLaren

  • Bowman Productions
  • Belleville, Ontario
  • Camera/Editing
  • Deb Mathews

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Producer/Writer-broadcaster
  • Ben Quaiff

  • Crystal Clear Productions
  • Picton, Ontario
  • Camera/Editing
  • JC Kenny

  • Gananoque, Ontario
  • Broadcaster
  • Brad Mann

  • Brad Mann Communications
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Corporate/Government Communications
  • Bob Eamer

  • Texalbec Inc.
  • Fonthill, Ontario
  • Daniela Testolini

  • eTrue Media
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Producer/Editor
  • Jacques Dumas

  • Audiosynchrasy
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • French producer