The Belleville McFarlands

2009 marked the 50th anniversary of an extraordinary hockey team from Belleville, Ontario. The Belleville McFarlands won the World Hockey Championship in March, 1959 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Named after their sponsor, wealthy industrialist Harvey McFarland of nearby Picton, the McFarlands were tough, talented and unstoppable.

Book and DVD Set created for The Belleville McFarlands project. Book and DVD Set created for The Belleville McFarlands project. To mark the anniversary of the team's championship victory, The Belleville Sports Hall of Fame and History Lives Here Inc. partnered on a project to celebrate this remarkable achievement by developing a series of events throughout the year. On April 4th, 2009, a downtown parade through the streets of Belleville re-created the parade held 50 years earlier when the McFarlands returned home as world champions. A documentary produced by History Lives Here Inc. and an accompanying book by sports author Aaron Bell, were also launched at a special gala evening held at the Empire Theatre in Belleville.

In the late 1950s, small towns across Canada closely followed the successes and setbacks of their hometown teams. There were only six NHL teams, which left plenty of talented players to stock other semi-professional leagues.

In Belleville, Ontario, avid fans packed the Memorial Arena to cheer on the Belleville McFarlands, a Senior A team that just got better and better as the 1958 season rolled on. They won the Allan Cup, the symbol of Canadian Senior A hockey supremacy, in a hard fought series against the Kelowna Packers and the right to represent Canada at the World Hockey Championships the following year.

The McFarlands played a grueling exhibition series across Europe that left them tired and banged up even before the tournament began. Still, they emerged victorious. In 1958/59, the Belleville McFarlands were magic on ice.

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Project Videos

The Belleville McFarlands

Celebrating Hockey History: The Story of the 1958/59 World Champion Belleville McFarlands is the story of a time, a team, and a town that loved them. The half- hour DVD documentary tells the story of an unlikely group of hockey heroes who together forged a championship team. An accompanying book More Macs More by Belleville sports writer Aaron Bell, complements the documentary with more detailed information and statistics on team members and their fans.