The 2018 HISTORY MOMENTS series. The latest series - our seventh - celebrates ten more short stories drawn from the rich past of Eastern Ontario


The 2018 History Moments series was launched February 23, 2018 at The Regent Theatre in Picton as part of Heritage Week celebrations in the community. The latest in this series of short television features on regional history includes the story of Jennie Creighton of Prince Edward County who travelled to Watertown, New York in the late 1800s to take a dressmaking course. She met a young drug store clerk named Frank Woolworth and together they established the Woolworth retail empire of Five and Dime stores across North America.

Other features in the 2018 series include the story of the World War One air training facility Camp Rathbun in Deseronto, Ontario; the shipbuilding industry in Trenton during the Second World War, which produced a ship a week for the war effort; the efforts in the 1980s to restore Cobourg’s Victoria Hall; a century of service provided by the Victorian Order of Nurses in Trenton; and the life story of the late Grant Howes, remembered as the grandfather of the cider industry in Ontario.

Gala launches of the 2018 series are planned for Cobourg and Kingston in May. 

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Molly Brant

Also included in the series is the story of Molly Brant, a First Nations' leader who helped maintain the alliance between her people and the British military during the American Revolution. Forced to flee her home in New York state on the eve of the war, Molly and her children ultimately settled in Kingston on a tract of land granted to her by British forces. Today, a monument on the property honours her remarkable life.