Sri Lanka

In May 2007 a History Lives Here video crew traveled to Sri Lanka to capture the dramatic stories of three people who survived an epic event - the tsunami, which struck the island and other countries bordering the Pacific Ocean on Boxing Day, 2004. The deadly waves killed 220,000 people. In Sri Lanka's coastal cities and villages, 35,000 died and over half a million people were left homeless. Five years later, the country is emerging from the disaster thanks in part to the efforts of Canadian credit unions that helped repair, restore and re-vitalize 300 credit unions lost to the waves.

These stories were captured for the Canadian Co-operative Association, one of a number of organizations continuing to support the efforts of local people to re-build their country amidst a backdrop of disaster and civil conflict. While the world has moved on to other stories in other places, these recovery efforts have continued.

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Sri Lanka

On Boxing Day, 2004, an earthquake off Indonesia triggered a tsunami that swept across the Pacific Ocean. When the giant waves reached Sri Lanka less than two hours later, 35,000 people lost their lives in the towering surf. Voices of Hope captures the stories of three people who survived this disaster.