This year's series - the fourth produced by History Lives Here Inc - profiles 12 more short stories drawn from the rich past of the Quinte area.

History Moments IV

The 2012 History Moments series was launched September 29th at The Empire Theatre in Belleville with a second launch Oct.15th at The Regent Theatre in Picton. This year's series - the fourth produced by History Lives Here Inc - profiles 12 more short stories drawn from the rich past of the Quinte area. 
Developed in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Belleville, the 2012 vignettes showcase the remarkable story of pioneer author Susanna Moodie, a young aristocratic English woman who chronicled her new life in the backwoods of Canada through a succession of books. Her life's work remain a powerful insight into the great struggle to settle the country. Other stories profile the role of County lighthouses in safeguarding the lives of mariners as the area's shipping industry prospered in the heady days of the Barley Days and the canning era; the Town of Point Anne which became a centre of the cement industry at the turn of the 20th century; the early history of the village of Wellington now celebrating its 150th anniversary of incorporation; the vast storehouse of history housed within the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County;the founding of the Belleville Intelligencer, one of Canada's oldest newspapers; and the story of Eleanor May Bowden, a teenager who came to Canada from England as a poor orphan to become a maid in Belleville at the stately home now known as Glanmore National Historic Site.
DVD copies of the History Moments series may be obtained from The Kiwanis Club of Belleville, and at retail outlets including The Regent Theatre and Books and Company in Picton, and Sam The Record Man.

History Moments IV Vignettes:

  1. Author Susanna Moodie brought to you by The Kiwanis Club of Belleville
  2. The Lighthouses of Prince Edward County brought to you by The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward
  3. The Community Archives of Belleville & Hastings County brought to you by The City of Belleville
  4. The Garden County of Canada brought to you by The Museums of Prince Edward County
  5. The Company Town of Point Anne brought to you by LeFarge Canada
  6. Glanmore's Maid of All Work brought to you by The City of Belleville
  7. Wellington's 150th Anniversary brought to you by Black Prince Winery and Essroc
  8. Temperance Pioneer Letitia Youmans brought to you by Glenwood Cemetary
  9. The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment brought to you by The Inrig Family
  10. The 1958/59 World Champion Belleville McFarlands brought to you by The Hastings County Historical Society
  11. The Belleville Intelligencer Newspaper brought to you by The Belleville Intelligencer
  12. The Fox Sisters brought to you by History Lives Here,Inc.

Project Videos

Fox Sisters

Three young women originally from the hamlet of Consecon, who rose to prominence in the 1850's as founders of the American spiritualist movement, the notion that the living could make contact with the dead through gifted intermediaries able to communicate with the spirit world. At the peak of their careers, the Fox sisters were making $150/day for private sessions with wealthy American socialites and public performances that drew thousands. But the sisters were extremely controversial denounced as frauds by skeptics, scientists and ministers. Today, the three Prince Edward County sisters are still remembered as founding contributors to the rise of this popular movement.