The 2016 HISTORY MOMENTS –  The sixth series produced by History Lives Here Inc. - showcases 12 more stories from the rich past of Eastern Ontario. 

History Moments 2016

The History Moments are highly - produced, two – minute television vignettes on local history themes from communities across Eastern Ontario.
These are old stories – untold and forgotten tales from the past. But we believe there are new audiences for them. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017, it is timely to tell the stories of prominent people, dramatic events, founding industries, and early settlement that shaped a nation. These are stories about us.
The 2016 series embraces a wide range of historical topics. Two of the stories explore the military history of the region telling the story of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, a program that brought young airmen from across the Commonwealth in the late 1930s to train as pilots desperately needed for the British war effort.
They trained in places like Trenton, a small community with a Canadian military base constructed as a “make work” employment project during the long, hard years of the Depression era – another of our stories in this year’s series.
Throughout the mid and late 1800s, the construction of railways and canal systems were central to nation building and the development of the country’s resources. They made places like Belleville major railway and commercial centres.  Another of our series’ stories tells the tale of a time when Belleville was a railway town.  We also tell the story of the 1872 train accident in the community that left many dead and others critically injured and unable to be treated, as there was no medical facility available – a tragic event, which led to the construction of the Belleville Hospital a decade later.
In nearby Trenton, The Trent –Severn Waterway is an engineering marvel started in the 1830s by the British government as a trade and military route into the heartland of Ontario. It took almost 90 years to complete. Other stories include features on the summer youth music camp that has taken place on an old Loyalist farmstead in Prince Edward County since 1986. The camp brings together promising young musicians from across North America for intensive training sessions from some of the world’s best classical musicians; the story of the restoration of Picton’s historic Royal Hotel; and Ella Gardiner, one of the first women to graduate from the University of Toronto and to teach at Albert College, a private school in Belleville that is older than Canada.

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Artist Manly MacDonald

During the early decades of the 20th century, artist Manly MacDonald was a common site in the Quinte area. Born into a family of farmers and fishermen, MacDonald painted year-round capturing the disappearing history of small towns and rural life of the period. MacDonald became a war artist and toured internationally leaving behind a wide body of work. The largest collection of his timeless art can be seen at the Parrott Gallery at the Belleville Library. We like to think that we are following in MacDonald’s footsteps using today’s technology to capture what he depicted in oil paints and canvas.

A Journey Into The Past A Journey Into The Past