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 The 2018 HISTORY MOMENTS series. The latest series - our seventh - celebrates ten more short stories drawn from the rich past of Eastern Ontario

History Moments 2016

The 2016 HISTORY MOMENTS –  The sixth series produced by History Lives Here Inc. - showcases 12 more stories from the rich past of Eastern Ontario. 

History Moments 2013

 The 2013 HISTORY MOMENTS series - the fifth series produced by History Lives Here Inc. - profiles ten more short stories drawn from the rich past of the Quinte area.

History Moments IV

This year's series - the fourth produced by History Lives Here Inc - profiles 12 more short stories drawn from the rich past of the Quinte area.

History Moments III

Our 2011 History Moments series was launched in early July at The Regent Theatre in Picton, a restored heritage property that is the centre stage for cultural events in Prince Edward County.

History Moments II

HISTORY MOMENTS II, launched in August 2010 at the Regent Theatre in Picton, is a series of short vignettes on local history themes to showcase the rich heritage of Prince Edward County.

History Moments

HISTORY MOMENTS is a series of short, video vignettes on local history themes - "popular history" that tells old stories to new audiences. Launched in September 2009 at the Regent Theatre in Picton, the series is now under development in several other Ontario communities.


A Rural Renaissance

Prince Edward County, Ontario is an island community nestled along the north shore of Lake Ontario near Belleville. In recent years, this tourist area has been "discovered" by people from around the world who are moving to the region to experience its small - town charm, natural beauty, and business opportunities. This DVD, developed for the Economic Development Office in Prince Edward County, showcases people who live in the area and are contributing in diverse ways to its new creative economy.

Canadian Co-operative Association Awards

In 2009, the Canadian Co-operative Association celebrated its 100th birthday. To mark this special year, the organization launched a series of initiatives including The Canadian Co-operative Hall of Fame, Canada's first virtual Hall of Fame recognizing and celebrating the legacies and achievements of outstanding Canadian co-operators. These pioneers have made lasting contributions to the development of co-operatives and credit unions in Canada and abroad.

History Lives Here Inc. produced the video awards that honoured these remarkable individuals at a gala evening held in June 2009 in Ottawa.

Credit Union Central of Canada Awards

Credit Union Central of Canada (CUCC) is the national organization representing credit unions across Canada.

To recognize the best practices of its members within their communities, CUCC sponsors awards presented to winning credit unions at its annual general meetings. In 2009, the meeting was held in Ottawa in early May. It was also the 20th anniversary of one award, the organization's Community Economic Development Award, which recognizes initiatives making a difference in communities.

History Lives Here Inc. produced the videos that accompanied each of the award presentations.

Soldier of Peace Documentary

The 30 - minute documentary program, Soldier of Peace, tells the life story of a remarkable Canadian.

Dressed in her trademark military uniform, Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova of the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, was a tireless advocate for the world's poor because "hunger never stops; and disease never sleeps." Fluent in several languages, she was an eloquent and emotional speaker who urged Canadians to respond to the needs of others elsewhere. She spent the money she raised on projects overseas that brought food, clothing, shelter, and medical supplies to grateful villagers. It became her life's work.

Soldier of Peace was the first documentary Peter Lockyer wrote and produced. Hosted by well-known Canadian journalist Peter Trueman, the program aired in 1988 on CBC Television. In November 2009, the USC, the agency Dr. Hitschmanova founded soon after the Second World War, featured the program as part of a celebration of Dr. Hitschmanova's life.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Europe was in ruins. Amidst the carnage, thousands of refugees sought safety, shelter, food and medical attention. In Canada, a small army of volunteers directed by a refugee from Czechoslovakia began to ship used clothing and other items overseas. Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova personally knew the hardships refugees faced. A journalist critical of Hitler, she had been forced to flee the country when German troops invaded. She would never see her parents again. They died in concentration camps. But she and her sister made their way to Canada where Lotta founded the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada (USC), a volunteer agency assisting with the post-war relief efforts. The work would last a lifetime.

Soldier of Peace was originally developed as a documentary co-production with CBC Television in 1988 to tell the life story of the late Dr. Hitschmanova. In November 2009 on the occasion of what would have been her 100th birthday, the organization she founded honoured her memory with a special evening featuring a presentation of this documentary.

A Century of Co-operation

The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is the national organization representing co-operatives in Canada. In its centennial year in 2009, the organization marked the anniversary with the creation of a book on the rich history of co-operatives and credit unions in Canada. Written by Ian MacPherson, the preeminent Canadian scholar on the subject, the book entitled A Century of Co-operation traces the early origins of the co-operative movement in Canada as people in small towns across the country embraced the idea of working together to own businesses that created local jobs and sustainable communities. Over time, these businesses grew into large national and international operations engaged in almost every sector of the Canadian economy. Today, there are nearly 9,000 co-ops and credit unions across Canada with more than 17 million members and $275 billion in assets.

A Century of Co-operation tells this dramatic Canadian story in words and pictures. Working closely with the author and CCA staff, History Lives Here Inc. contributed research and digital media skills to source and enhance archival photographs for this anniversary publication.

Sri Lanka

In May 2007 a History Lives Here video crew traveled to Sri Lanka to capture the dramatic stories of three people who survived an epic event - the tsunami, which struck the island and other countries bordering the Pacific Ocean on Boxing Day, 2004. The deadly waves killed 220,000 people. In Sri Lanka's coastal cities and villages, 35,000 died and over half a million people were left homeless. Five years later, the country is emerging from the disaster thanks in part to the efforts of Canadian credit unions that helped repair, restore and re-vitalize 300 credit unions lost to the waves.

These stories were captured for the Canadian Co-operative Association, one of a number of organizations continuing to support the efforts of local people to re-build their country amidst a backdrop of disaster and civil conflict. While the world has moved on to other stories in other places, these recovery efforts have continued.

50 Years of Excellence

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2008, Essroc Cement in Picton contracted History Lives Here Inc. to create a DVD that reviewed its origins, significant milestones and importance to the local economy as a major employer, purchaser of goods and services, and corporate donor sponsoring the activities of many community organizations. Today, the company is a major cement supplier shipping much of its product by boat to American markets.

The video was premiered at a special gala evening held at The Regent Theatre in Picton on March 17, 2008.

The Belleville McFarlands

2009 marked the 50th anniversary of an extraordinary hockey team from Belleville, Ontario. The Belleville McFarlands won the World Hockey Championship in March, 1959 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Named after their sponsor, wealthy industrialist Harvey McFarland of nearby Picton, the McFarlands were tough, talented and unstoppable.

{image-1} To mark the anniversary of the team's championship victory, The Belleville Sports Hall of Fame and History Lives Here Inc. partnered on a project to celebrate this remarkable achievement by developing a series of events throughout the year. On April 4th, 2009, a downtown parade through the streets of Belleville re-created the parade held 50 years earlier when the McFarlands returned home as world champions. A documentary produced by History Lives Here Inc. and an accompanying book by sports author Aaron Bell, were also launched at a special gala evening held at the Empire Theatre in Belleville.

In the late 1950s, small towns across Canada closely followed the successes and setbacks of their hometown teams. There were only six NHL teams, which left plenty of talented players to stock other semi-professional leagues.

In Belleville, Ontario, avid fans packed the Memorial Arena to cheer on the Belleville McFarlands, a Senior A team that just got better and better as the 1958 season rolled on. They won the Allan Cup, the symbol of Canadian Senior A hockey supremacy, in a hard fought series against the Kelowna Packers and the right to represent Canada at the World Hockey Championships the following year.

The McFarlands played a grueling exhibition series across Europe that left them tired and banged up even before the tournament began. Still, they emerged victorious. In 1958/59, the Belleville McFarlands were magic on ice.

Also don't forget to have a look at the microsite that was created by They Integrated to promote the recent Belleville McFarlands events! You can check out the Belleville McFarlands website by clicking here.